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jane + min-jae at four seasons seattle

Jane and Min-Jae were married last June at the always elegant Four Seasons Seattle. Seriously, it is always perfect. Not only does the space have a clean, classic, modern but warm design, but the staff at the Four Seasons CAN NOT BE BEAT. They make your day easy, flawless, relaxing…and I’m not just talking about for brides! I love ‘em too.

The pictures below are by Jane and Min-Jae’s fab photographers Lightphoria. And I think you should probably also check out their AWESOME video by First and Foremost Productions. It is sweet, beautiful, and absolutely hilarious. And creative! Who would have thought that showing the dancing first would work? But it does. Brilliantly. ENJOY!

alena and jason’s rustic barn wedding

Peach and orange wedding flowers by Fiore Blossoms; photo by Tasha Owens photography
This flower thing is actually a second career for me. Before I started Fiore Blossoms (9 years ago now!), I taught high school biology, chemistry, and genetics. I don’t miss it, though I do miss those special few students I met each year that would become life long friends.

I’ve stayed in touch with some of my former students, and love hearing about their growth, successes, and adult lives. A few of my genetics students went on to graduate degrees and have become genetics counselors, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. A few have become teachers, and I wish them energy, inspiration, and patience!

Alena is one of the ones that I am so glad to still have in my life. She is super smart, really fun, and the definition of kindness. When she was in school to become a pediatric nurse, she was my boys’ first babysitter. It would have been scary with anyone else, but I knew they were with a gentle, loving soul.

I was so honored when Alena asked me to do her flowers for her wedding to Jason. I was also nervous…would this guy be  worthy of my Alena? I was quickly won over by his generous, warm spirit though. He is a catch! They were married last spring at Lord Hill Farms. I loved contributing to their day, and spending time with them and their families.

Fiore Blossoms bouquets in blush and peach.

I’m so thankful for your friendship Alena and Jason, and can’t wait to see where life takes you next!

Photos by Tasha Owen Photography.

LEGO birthday party for mr. noah

This is a bit of a departure from the more romantic events I often do, but it was a really fun one! And if there is anything I love, it’s whimsy, and this little party had plenty of that. My sweet Noah is a bit of a homebody, and decided for his 6th birthday that he wanted to change plans at the last minute, from celebrating at a LEGO activity place, to celebrating at home. I feel an obligation to post this and help all the other mothers of LEGO-lovers out there, because I had a hard time finding ideas (really, Pinterest?) for LEGO parties.

I refocused all the money I saved in rental fees for the LEGO space into a giant bag of (used, but cleaned and sterilized even!) LEGO pieces that I bought on ebay. I used the LEGO bricks as a table runner of sorts, and the boys spent the first 45 minutes or so building fun cars, planes, rocket ships, monsters, and animals. Not only did this keep everyone busy, but it made the required goody bag super easy because I had them take home their projects as a their gift (along with a lot of candy from the piñata).

Noah’s cake was a simple sheet cake that I cut into two equal pieces about 4″ x 9″. I frosted them in a simple two-layer cake style, and then topped it with six giant campfire marshmallows as the LEGO studs (that’s the official name for those bumps on top of a LEGO!) and put a final coat of frosting on the whole thing. (But please remember…I do flowers, not cakes, so this is not a fondant, molded sugar masterpiece).

We built a piñata out of rectangular box and paper cups that we cut down to be the right height for the LEGO studs. We covered the top with tissue paper and glue…kind of a cheater paper mâché. Then, I glued strips of tissue to the side that Noah had cut halfway through to make fringe. I left a flap on the bottom that I could fill from, and then taped it closed once the candy was inside. (And candy necklaces were a must according to Noah!). I also left some ribbons that we could pull if it never broke open, but that was unnecessary! The  lesson we learned is that we should have attached a stronger wire to hang the piñata from. The wire I had attached through the box in a loop at the top came out immediately when the boys attacked the piñata, so please pardon the tacky white rope  holding it up in my photo.

So that’s my quick how-to. The boys had a great time, and after planning so many elaborate events, it was fun to have a cozy at-home birthday that was more charming than polished. Just right for my 6-year old Noah!

Steve Moore - This party looks like a lot of fun, and very well done! Your home looks pretty awesome too. I want a tour at some time!

Alexa Johnson - Thank you Steve! It was a super fun day with those crazy boys. And yes to a tour! But now that we have a massive kitchen remodel starting in January, I’m going to make you wait so you can see the new and improved version. I’m looking forward to having a great new space to cook in, so we’ll do dinner FINALLY!

Mari - How clever your DIY LEGO creations are! It looks like the kids enjoyed every minute. Thanks for sharing.


kelli + aaron at the palace ballroom

Aaaahhh…fall. Gorgeous leaves, fun at the pumpkin patch, cozy evenings in, soup simmering on the stove. That all sounds great, but I’ll be honest. The best parts are that my boys are back in school and the crazy busy wedding season has come to an end. I love having time to enjoy each event that I do have in these slower times, rather than pumping out a big wedding every weekend; and I love catching up with all of my industry friends after months of shouting “Hey! We should get together soon!” on loading docks at 2 am.

I’m also excited to start sharing some of the beautiful weddings that I (and my awesome team!) did this past year. First up is Kelli and Aaron’s spring wedding (see – we’re going WAY back because I’ve got a lot of catch up to do!) at Palace Ballroom. The planning was a dream for this one because Kelli was easy going and fun, AND she hired one of my favorite planners – Megan Keller of A Kurant Event. Megan has fantastic off-beat style and we usually hold our planning meetings over pedicures. Seriously.

Thanks Barbie Hull – you fun lady, you! – for the dreamy pics!

All photos above by Barbie Hull, except 7, 9, and 10. Fun paper pennant table numbers by Heath Original. Planning by A Kurant Event, and flowers, candles, design by Fiore Blossoms.

Robin - Beautiful! Love the vibrant bridesmaids’ bouquets with the blue dresses, love the cascading centerpieces, love the lime green and pink combination in the bride’s bouquet. Like usual, I love it all!

kiana lodge, and i’m off!

I’m leaving you with a little preview of Kristina and Jake’s northwesty elegant Kiana Lodge wedding from last weekend, and then I’m heading out. I’m off to PARIS! And after five heavenly days of exploring one of my favorite cities I’ll head to the tiny town of Genté in the Cognac region for a wedding celebration with dear friends. I’m feeling all fluttery inside today as I count down these last 24 hours.

But Kristina and Jake. I’m no photographer, but that dress shot I somehow managed to capture by blind luck just blows me away. The little green wands were carried by the flower girls (I don’t think Kristina realized they’d hold them up like the Statue of Liberty through the entire ceremony), and that white circle you can kind of see? A circle of flowers that the couple was married in. It was stunning and special!